Monday, September 6, 2010

Not Much To Show

I spent quite a bit of beading time making something that I'm not allowed to show you.
The pattern was released to those who agreed to follow it exactly and submit their finished whatevers to be voted on at the end of the month, pictures not to be published until the voting is over. A couple of beads from the business end of my necklace (being the part from the pattern) is at lower right. I don't think I'm giving anything away by showing this little tease.

Generally my favourite kind of knitting starts without swatching or a pattern or stitch counts or anything besides a vague idea of approximately where I want to go, and a plethora of paths that might lead there, and as I meander along them, I change my mi refine my plan and it all works out as if by magic (sometimes after no small amount of backtracking. Ripping out).

The half-sleeve below is partial fruit of one such vague thought plan.
I knitted three strips, two cuff-sized and another hip-sized. All get a few rows of moss stitch followed by mitred squares on one edge (hereafter designated the "top") and something or another (a single row of picked-up stitches followed by casting off purlwise is NOT it) on the bottom edge, and then something else on top of the top edge, don't know what yet.

My refinement so far has revolved around No Triangles Whatsoever, because no matter how I did them, they sucked. And that was a big time suck.

I suspect the rest isn't going to be excessively creative, but that's fine because once I'm done, I'll have used up all sorts of ugly handspun oddments from the stash, and I'll have a Very Useful Cardigan which will not be a hideous mish-mash of colours: if I overdye with a weak black dye, I'll get a lovely subtle charcoal palette.

At least, that's the plan, but I have to confess it's not all that inspiring knitting with ugly yarn.

I may have to start one of the other two projects I have lined up, both of which use much nicer yarn.

In other news, my kitten is growing by leaps and bounds.
She still fits into pockets though.


Sara said...

omydog: is that your daughter?

Lock The Doors Now! (and send me the kitten. I'm feeling cat-deprived.)

Kristen said...

The sleeve is stunning I am so jealous of your talent! Kitten is growing and your daughter is lovely!