Thursday, September 2, 2010


The jaded among us might say that I got stuck again, because I made two more the same.
Sort of the same, not identical. I tried slightly different beads, like a small fire-polished bead instead of two seeds.
And slightly different colour placement and bead counts for the overlay.
I like the former but not the latter so much. I thought I'd needed more beads to form the little star-shaped overlay, but it changes the shape, makes the beaded bead taller. I preferred the somewhat flattened shape of the first two.

In terms of colour, I think I like the way the colours in the first one worked the best. The star overlay is a light, bright contrast so that the body of the bead recedes, and the large fire-polished beads are closer to the background than the foreground, so that they appear to alter the shape and texture rather than distracting with colour.

Good to know.

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Kristen said...

Love these too!!!!