Saturday, September 25, 2010

Always Something Else

I love lists.

I love making them, and I love being able to cross off the things I've done. I make lists all the time in part because I like making them so much more than I like using them.

Still, they can be useful as a reminder of my priorities.

Usually the lists are life-related: call a plumber, buy groceries, clean the gutters, that sort of thing, but the lists I enjoy making the most are the beading-related ones, which is firmly on the ludicrous side, as a large proportion of the neural goings-on in my brain concern beads or fiber or the things I'll make with them, must make with them, want to make with them, and how the hell do I accomplish that? It might be slightly unrealistic to think that I'd forget about something that occupies so many neurons.

Still, I make lists.

Often they're an attempt to keep me on track.

I decided to make kits for a class I taught some time ago, to put in my Etsy shop.
And I did make the samples. I changed my mind for almost all the bead colours (even though I had a table of colours. I like tables for colour choices and combinations), but the samples are done at least, and the instructions checked.

On that same list were the projects I plan to submit for an upcoming class proposal deadline. Some need no beading work, but others might be viewed more favourably with different colours or configurations, and those were definitely on the list.

Instead I made bead caps. Just four so far. Right now these are temporarily strung, but I'm flirting with an idea for matching beaded beads.

Yah, useful, those lists.

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Kriszta said...

Csodaszépek!!! :-)