Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bigger. Better?

My local bead store is doing its bit to fuel the latest craze in the beading world by always having plenty of that Chinese crystal often referred to as Chinovski, for which I'm weak. Um, grateful.

Last night when I went there to teach Panspora, I noticed the latest batch, already appealing in its iridescence, but irresistible when I noticed big fat long-drilled drop beads like I use in my Fauxbergé pendants, only bigger. And even though I prefer rounds to rondelles for this design, rondelles work, and they had some big ones.

The Grand Fauxbergé is, well, big, isn't it?

I love love love the colours, and best of all, if I'm forced to sell it, I have enough left-over beads to make another for myself.

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Kristen said...

Yep it's official I am so jealous! You are amazing and make the coolest beads!