Thursday, March 20, 2008

Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed

Well, unwashed to be sure:
This will be much prettier once it's washed, but I think it's rather nice now all the same. Still, I'm so over spinning purple yarn (the last humungo twelve-ounce skein was even more avowedly purple than the above) but I have to say, I'm loving this merino-tencel, and luckily, there's more that's not so purple, most of it interestingly enough from Traci Bunkers (I luuurrve her colours), though the partially hidden lot at left front is sort of pink and blue, the sludge version, which may be perilously close to purple.
Still, there's plenty that's not even slightly purple, and even better, will coordinate with the purple I've already spun.

In other news, I've accepted a job offer, starting the middle of next month, so I'm going to have to make really good use of my remaining days of sloth and indolence while planning expenditures for the first paycheck, well, before the first paycheck, actually: I WANT MY CLEANING PERSON BACK!


Traci Bunkers said...

How-do Charlene!

Have you been hoarding that stuff?

It seems like decades since I've seen you. I hope you are livin' la vida loco.

Charlene said...

Hoarding? No no no - it's been AGING in the stash, and now it's, erm, mature enough to be spun, yeah, that's it!

Not quite decades, but certainly a few years. I should come to the ArtWalk this year (I say that to myself almost every year...) And what EXACTLY is la vida loco? Crazy life? Sounds good to me.

kim said...

Congrats on the new position! Hopefully it's something you will enjoy, not just pay the bills.