Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Out of Time

I have to admit it, even though fashionistas are going all retro gaga over them: the Eighties are so over, and there's little point in putting more effort into this, even though I have completed the back, a sleeve and half a front, when instead I could have this.  I mean, what would I want with an oversized cardigan with unflattering dropped shoulders? Seriously.
It's been sitting in my Bermuda Rectangle for quite a few years now, and I started it because truly, a neutral-creamy cotton-blend cardigan would be very useful in an over air-conditioned office in the summertime - that's still true, but I confess, I'm no longer comfortable with this super-oversized incredibly unflattering and oh so dated style.

Hence this:
In other news, I finished this necklace for sale (it's spoken for) and figured out a good way to make the length adjustable. The one that I'd made for myself sits higher on my neck by quite a bit (it's about 14 or 15 inches), but it's entirely possible that the sort of person who has the disposable income for such as this might have a larger neck, and/or choose to wear it a little lower, which is why it needs the adjustableness.
This is what it looks like from the back, adjusted as small as it will go as shown on me above. The dangle chain is about 2.5", so it could be about that much longer.
I made a hook that lies underneath the last circle, making for this neat, adjustable closure. I'm quite pleased with my solution.

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Juno said...

God I am behind. That necklace is STAGGERINGLY beautiful. And even though totally different in style, helped me realize that the problem with the red beaded bib waterfall thingy I bought off some dude on the street in NY is that it was, like everything else in the world, designed for a smaller, shorter woman and so what I need is six inches of chain to add across the back. And then maybe it will have some fate in life other than to be added to an outfit, frowned at and put back in the drawer. Thank you.

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