Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Comfort Level

I may not need this, but now I can knit without fear or worry on my Architectural Rib Sweater, which promises to be something I might choose to wear more than once, which is a good thing, as the sweater that I knitted while I was at SOAR has been worn once, and any future on my body is rather dubious, as the pattern relied too heavily on blocking and not enough on good design, and was a lesson in Trust Your Instincts, which I should have learned by the time I did the Coriolis Sock, but didn't.

Speaking of which, I started one of the other socks from her book, the one where you place your increases on the top of the foot to create a single vee-shaped gusset-ish thing, and insert colour or texture as desired. I'm using the Candlelight pattern from Barbara Walker II, which is much simpler if only you chart it (it fits on a piece of paper 2" tall, for one) and appear to be having better success this time.
Fortunately for her.
In other news, I have a second interview with the same people who caused me to obsess about making a new jacket, and since I still don't have pants suits or other clothing easily ploppable into the "business casual" category, I might have to make another jacket which should be different than the last one in case I meet with the same guys who probably won't notice anyway as they're computer nerds like me, but you never know, sometimes there are anomalies, and it'll be just my luck to have someone saying "Dude, she hasn't even changed her clothes since last week, this could be a problem if we expect her to work closely with anyone else" and then that's that, I have to think about where else I might consider working, and quite frankly, I'd rather focus my mental powers on the next beading or knitting design, or even who the best supplier is for small quantities of gold-filled wire, chain and jump rings.

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Amy said...

Congrats on the 2nd interview....even if it means clothing anxiety. (How very plebian of you, my dear!) Good luck...

BTW -- John has taken on the Challenge of the Coriollis (sp?).