Friday, April 11, 2014

The Last Sample (For Now)

I've probably said it before and I'll probably say it again but when I don't overthink colour combinations and just grab the first thing that looks as though it'll sorta kinda work, I end up with fabulous colour combinations, but all too often when I plan very carefully, it can be blah - or worse.

The first version of this necklace I ever made used mostly bronze beads and an assortment of crystals because I didn't have enough of a single colour, and it worked out really well.

The first kit/class sample I made was pretty similar (barring the beads that appear to be discontinued) even though I didn't do the multicolour thing (I stuck with the crystal colour that I liked the best) and turned out nicely.

The second sample I must have started at least three times, each time with different combinations and even though I made as if I liked the second one, I really didn't and it's due for the scissors Real Soon Now.

This third one, I wasn't sure of. While I was stitching I was a little bored of the sameness of it all, kicking myself for not varying the palette more, but I have to say, seeing it laid out here, in it's rich, deep bronziness with its pools of deep turquoise (green sphinx and caribbean blue opal if you must know), I'm a bit in love all over again. 
Yes, it's slightly delicious.

It's a bit like that they they gave me coffee with honey and lemon zest in the Arab market in the Old City of Jerusalem: I thought I knew what I'd taste, but when it hit my tongue, it was and it wasn't what I was expecting, and the sameness was pleasant (I like coffee after all), but the differentness was a delightful, bright surprise that took the whole somewhere else entirely.

So all my samples for my classes at Studio Beads are stitched and I'm into the Packing Kits and Printing Instructions phase.

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