Sunday, April 13, 2014

Packing Frenzy

So the samples I've been making?

For classes I'm teaching at Studio Beads in Chicago next week.
I stopped there on the way home from Bead & Button last year, and found it a lovely bead store (I dropped a bunch...) so I'm pretty excited to be teaching there - plus everyone I've emailed with arranging it all has been super-nice, so it promises to be a good time.
 It'll be three days of classes.
Two full-day classes and one day with two half-day classes.
I've taught all of them before, some pretty recently. Should be fun! You should come! There's still space! (I think).
 This is part of what it looks like.

The yellow things are Stax lids - you know, those potato-chip adjacent snacks that are not Pringles but also come in a tube? I used to use Pringles lids until they changed them: they started using a much stiffer plastic, and the lids instead of being completely smooth inside had a sort of gutter around the edges, which made them less useful, so I switched to Stax lids which are unfortunately yellow.

The Pringles lids would deteriorate and crack very quickly, but these hideous yellow ones seem to last forever luckily - so I don't needlessly eat junk food. Eating junk is the sort of thing one does if one is human and does not have superhuman willpower, but in my opinion it's also the sort of thing one should do as infrequently as possible and thus as mindfully as possible.
 I also had an email from one of the students in one of the classes who was wondering if I'd be bringing Mace kits.
I guess I am. If I can get it together, I'll also have a third colour-way, but no guarantees.

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