Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spiky Samples

The last colour-way for the Spike Earrings. Even though I'd probably never wear these colours (that blue!) I really like them together somehow. Probably analogous to the way I always want to make floral beaded things but can't bring myself to put them on my body (mostly).
 It's weird how I seem to have the hardest time with the colours that I like the most and that really out to come easy to me. I thought I knew what I wanted, but when I tried it, it was awful and dull and dark and dingy - not deep and sludgy in a good way at all. I too out all my purples and all  my golds and greeny-golds and mustardy-golds and the one I was looking for was nowhere to be found so I tried to go shopping and bought another different purple, sure I had the right gold at home, but when I returned home I really wanted the other purple and then the gold just magically and mysteriously  revealed itself underneath some other beads and then it went together pretty quickly after that.
Although it turns out I used the wrong size fifteens along the bottom edge.

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