Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Really, It Doesn't Stop

As it turns out, there's always another kumihimo necklace.
This one was almost exciting because I was this close to running out of thread.

The back is smooth, and every three inches or so, I use a slightly bigger/more sticky-out (that's a technical term) bead on one of the threads and there are three sizes of sticky-out, so by the time I reached centre front I realized that this was a pretty long one but the thread I cut was the same as for a necklace six inches shorter, though I tend to have waste.

As I neared the finish, a couple of the threads were too short to be securely wrapped around the bobbins, so I tied a great big honking knot at the end of the thread (to prevent fall-offage of beads) and I finished with no more than an inch or two to spare.

Yeah! Livin' dangerously!


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