Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Days

Monday was beach weather, Tuesday we had a spot of retail therapy in preparation for some relatives coming to dinner and today really wasn't beach weather though we sort of tried (and failed).
I'm still sleeping outside every night.

This is my bed, magically transformed to a sofa via seat back cushions, a niece and a cat.
Last night I heard fluttering, felt the swish of wings and turned my flashlight to see a violently green stick insect (fat stick, only its legs were skinny) attempting to climb the neighbouring chair, certainly part of its nefarious plan to jump on me later. Panicked, I retrieved the dust pan and broom to ensure its delivery to the bushes. It looked surprised and offended, as though I'd committed the sin of judging it by its looks.
Don't care.
Didn't sin.
Totally did diss it on looks alone.
My son really is crazy tall; he has about six inches on my brother. Locale: Mullimbimby, minutes from my brother's pie shop just out of town.

Finished another necklace.

The younger niece asked if she could have it. I think not, though possibly I'd make her something when she was old enough. The older niece thought that ten might be old enough. That's barely two years away.

My sister-in-law warned me that she will not forget, and shortly before her tenth birthday is highly likely to remind me that she's owed a necklace.

Yah, we'll see.


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