Monday, January 6, 2014

Cat Sea Sun

My brother has one of the best cats ever (Isis and Anubis, pay attention: I said "one of the best", not "the best"). He is configured exactly like the Pink Panther, but colored brown and white with a moustache. He is just as cool.
I finished a necklace which my sister-in-law snagged. In reality she admired it and ever susceptible to flattery, I forced it on her.
We spent part of the day at Torakina beach.
That's my baby boy.
My sister-in-law and nieces.
After getting home and getting rid of the sand, some hammock time was necessary while I cooked dinner for the crowd.
The younger niece set the table. She has Opinions as to how this should be done.

My brothers and the other niece lay on the water tank and discussed the scenery. It's gorgeous.

This is why Maverick is cool. He likes to be held like this, legs dangling.


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