Friday, January 10, 2014

Koalas and Kebabs in Brisbane

Cuddled and missed, respectively.

Since we're flying home out of Brisbane, we decided to spend the night before here and check the place out.

The nieces were sad to see us leave.

We found a koala sanctuary and for sure you couldn't find anything more touristy than getting your photo taken (or not) as you hold a koala but O!M!G! It was wild! Well really it was quite tame as they're very mellow and only interested in munching on eucalyptus leaves but it was so cool!

We saw aTasmanian devil who did not look especially devilish.

We think this is a wombat. It was hiding out in a hollow brick in one of the koala cages. At first we weren't sure if it was real as it was so still, but it twitched occasionally.

In the kangaroo and wallaby enclosure you can touch them. This joey was nursing. The mom looks bored. We were fascinated. Kangaroos are very soft, much more so than koalas.

Then began the search for kebabs. We looked a place on Yelp, spent another twenty bucks on bus fare, walked and walked and backtracked only to find it closed. Another place on Google Maps just wasn't there, so starving, we ended up getting mediocre overpriced sandwiches before making our way to the West End where there were kebabs on every other corner, but we'd just eaten.

After some more wandering we ended up back at the hotel getting Indian take-out.

And this morning, with minutes to spare, I finished another necklace.

I won't tell you about our drama at the airport except to say that the Brisbane airport is the only airport I've ever travelled through where they weigh your hand-luggage and WILL NOT LET YOU THROUGH if it's over 7.5kg which is about 16.5 pounds. In part because of concerns about checked luggage weight allowances, but also because my mom had foisted on us stuff that she doesn't want in her new apartment, we had, let us say, Severe Issues.

But here we sit in the departure lounge with a very awkward hand luggage situation, but were good to go.


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