Saturday, January 25, 2014

Not Enough

I've probably said it before, but I'll say it again anyway: my ideal weekend is one which has minimal time accounted for before it starts. A successful weekend day (in winter) is one in which I don't step outside, except perhaps to collect the mail.

It's not that I'm a complete hermit or misanthrope, it's just that I value my unstructured time (which I probably structure somewhat anyway) in which to Make Things (sore hands notwithstanding). I like to have some number of hours, preferably all of them, in which to fiddle and dabble and come up with stuff or make another sample or well, whatever I please. So it's not unreasonable to assume that when I have an entire Saturday at my disposal I'll get quite a bit done.

Unfortunately most of what I generated today were piles upon piles of wiggly thread in the trashcan - I must have cut up the same piece at least twice, and there's a version of it on my desk slated for the scissors and I'm still not liking the colours I've chosen.

At least I finished this sample for tomorrow's class.
 And I did make this little doodad - it's really quite small, not much more than an inch across.
I came upon a design element: the little stems with the clusters that stick out of this piece, but I'm not sure that they're best used this way. I have a few more ideas, both concerning configuration as well as colour - sometimes using multiple colours where previously there was only one can add interest enough to be worthwhile making a second or third time, and even incite someone else to make one.

This though isn't there yet.

I have two kumihimo necklaces with unfinished ends and I didn't even get to them amidst the generation of the wiggly thread.

Sadly, tomorrow is rather more spoken for than today.

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