Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Out with the Old

The first thing I saw upon waking and stepping onto the balcony were crowds of people claiming their spots for firework viewing. Apparently people come into Sydney from all over to see the fireworks on New Year's Eve, and stake their claims to whatever they think is prime real estate for optimal viewing. Streets are closed off and people pour in.
First things first: photograph the newly-minted Kumihimo necklace which is more purple than this camera and my lack of photo editing software will allow. I'm really pleased with it though.
Then the ferry to Manly beach. It was a gorgeous day, and it was nice to get out of the city centre. Parts of the beach and the Corso were fairly crowded, but nothing like downtown.
As the ferry approaches Manly, you can see the beaches that are in the bay. They tend to be fairly empty, as there are practically no waves. If you just keep on walking straight after getting off the ferry, you pass through the Corso, a pedestrian shop-lined street to get to the ocean-side beaches which have waves and are more popular. And crowded, but not horribly.
The water was just the right temperature and the ebbing tide made a perfect surface for a long, brisk walk.
As we were walking back to the ferry, this kid was like honey to the crowds. He was perhaps twelve years old, beautiful golden voice that was never off-key, and gorgeous songs with sensitive lyrics that he wrote himself.
And cute!
The waters around Sydney were also packed with boats. Yachts. Water-craft. I'm not up on various categories too much, but here were lots in every inlet along every inch of coastline downtown.
The Opera House surrounds were set up with lights and stages and there were jostling people camped out with umbrellas and picnic baskets.
Every available surface was packed with seething humanity. Actually, they probably were more chilled and drunk (and sunburnt) than seething, but the crowds were immense.
Ak home again, sewed the clasp on another Kumihimo necklace.
This was a very successful experiment. To place beads in a line (so like a set of drops) you string them in every fourth position on one of the eight strands, but that spaces them quite far apart. If you alternate the drop beads with seeds, they alternate edges. If you alternate drops on two opposite strands, you get two rows of drops opposite each other.
But if you use two opposite strands, placing the drops every fourth place and staggering the drops, they all fall on the same side, nice and close.
Then there we fireworks.
We had a pretty good view, and my little camera didn't do too badly as long as I stabilised it by placing it on the balcony railing.
They had a family display at nine o'clock, and then a bigger, longer display at midnight. I started watching the second session, but it seemed to be just more of the same, but more. Since I had an early flight in New Year's Day and since I don't get the excitement over fireworks (they're ok but don't exactly make my heart go pitter-patter) I just went to bed.
Happy New Year, everyone!


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