Monday, December 2, 2013

Under Two Hours

I'm pretty sure that if I met me, I'd annoy the crap out of me.

I just can't help it with the self-satisfied gloating but dammit, I made a skirt from start to finish under just under two hours and I feel rather good about it. Quite impressed with myself.
This is in part also why I don't play board and other games: not only am I a dreadful loser, but I'm a seriously obnoxious winner too - it's all part of the same character flaw I think.

Anyway, it's a skirt pattern I've made a gazillion times (about half a dozen or so in reality) and it only has a few pieces and it's super-simple, but still I'm quite pleased with myself because I have a batik-print super-fine corduroy skirt that looks suspiciously like a faux animal print but I really don't think it is; they have the same design in shades of magenta and it looks nothing like a faux zebra.

And I'll be wearing it tomorrow.

Another thing to fill me with good cheer: For the past couple of days I've only worn my wrist braces to sleep in and my hands don't feel awful. (They're not as unremarkable in sensation as before I tiled my floor, but they're orders of magnitude better than the two hours I drove home from Columbia in September, so I'm encouraged).

I might try to knit for more than five minutes and see what happens.

I think icing them helps.

I may not need surgery.

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