Monday, December 9, 2013

Coming Together

 Class sample. The class is for small and quick beaded beads but the samples I had were odds and ends in different colours so I thought I'd make a set and then I thought I might as well make enough for a bracelet.

As it stands, the beaded bead that's serving as a button closure is probably not secure enough: in order to wear it and not lose it, the button should be flatter and less smooth otherwise it'll just slip right out of the buttonhole. Luckily its life for the next few months will be far less dangerous than hanging on a wrist for dear life- it'll be reclining in a display case in the bead store, quite safe.
Kumihimo with borosilicate drop beads in front. I pretty much love this necklace except I wish I'd made it a touch longer, as the weight of the beads in front would make it so nice and swingy if it was mid-chest. It's not though.

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