Sunday, December 15, 2013


Mainly this weekend I watched Dexter, but I also spun and beaded.
 The new design worked out OK. Love the colours which aren't showing up too well: bronze with green undertones alongside pale pinkish-copper. And copper and green, but I like the way the colours are sort of slipping to the sides,  as it were.
Another kumihimo rope with a wonderful boro bead.

I'm going to have to figure out how to move these because they're piling up way too fast.

I need to get my knitting hands back so that - well, for one, so that I can knit Stuff again. I'm itchy in the extreme but I remember how much and how quickly it hurt last time I spent more than five minutes at it. Perhaps wool on wooden needles? I used to hear people saying how cotton hurt their hands (I was on the downhill slope of a cotton project) and how metal needles hurt their hands (I almost always use metal) so perhaps I'll have to forswear cotton and metal needles and if that's all it takes I can probably manage but I suspect that won't be enough and I'm sort of too chicken to try so I eye knitting patterns and lust after yarn and make more kumihimo ropes.

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