Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Beach at Kiama

Not an exciting day, but we did get to go to the beach. My brother lives in the middle of nowhere, known as the Southern Highlands I believe, but it's an hour of driving if you want to go anywhere.
You wouldn't think so from all the covered huddling in the picture above, but it was perfect weather, just gorgeous. The covering up is from the sun (Oz has a huge hole in the ozone layer, so everyone is very mindful of skin cancer risks), not for warmth.
Turns out that my son is a suitable photographic model for my daughter now. Who knew.
The beach is really very pretty, and neither too big nor too crowded. I suppose there are advantages to living out where the population density is lower.

I finished braiding this necklace in the car home, and sewed the clasp this morning.

My primary cat (the one I got first, the one for whom the secondary cat is her pet, the one who asks to be picked up when she's in dire need of closeness) is sick, and I'm heartsick to be away from her although I know she's in excellent hands.

One of the reasons I like handwork is that it's perfect for muling or considering or analyzing or worrying, so she was on my mind with every stitch and I hope that as I stitched the necklace to make it whole and well, my little Isis is also getting well and hole.


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