Friday, July 12, 2013

Running Away

No, I'm still here, but the week just raced past me. I really don't miss it, though I do regret not being able to manage spending more of it asleep.
 I still like these little things. I'm not sure if they're floral or if they look a little like my grandmother's flocked wallpaper (now there's a fashion we don't miss even slightly), but they stitch up quickly, are big enough for earrings (but not too heavy), and are comfortable in a bracelet or necklace, and because they use so many different beads, you can really go to town with colour, not that I availed myself of such wildness.
I know it's really simple, but I'm very pleased with this little necklace, and if I hadn't just submitted classes for the fall, this would be on the list.

I've probably said it before and I'll probably (well, definitely actually) say it again, and I'm certainly saying it now: I love being able to use a selection of beads in different shapes and sizes in a familiar stitch, and without anything much else, end up with something that appears more complex than it really is. It's soothing and rhythmic to stitch, is suitable for almost all beaders and there's no having to embellish after you feel as though you're finished.

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