Sunday, July 28, 2013


Finally I finished this class sample. I'm not sure why it took so long, because each unit goes quite quickly and is pleasing to stitch; I like the colour combination - and yet somehow it was quite the act of will to actually finish.
 I was so relieved that I made a pair of earrings.

Actually that's not true - the relieved part, because as you can see I did in fact make a pair of earrings.
I'd only ever made this motif with twin beads and I wanted to verify that super-duos worked just as well.

They do, if not better.
I had the hardest time matching a set of three seed beads to these super-duos, and even now I'm still not quite one hundred percent certain, but I think it might be pretty nice.

After all that, I probably should have made a bracelet.

All this beading didn't hurt nearly as much as helping my daughter move from one apartment to another, and I do mean physically hurt, emotionally I'm pretty even keel, thanks. I packed boxes, loaded boxes into my car, drove to the new apartment, and unloaded the boxes into her new apartment - three times.

Let's just say that this body is no longer quite as young as it used to be, although my not-quite twenty-one-year-old son seemed as exhausted as I was. To be fair, he did actual Heavy Lifting, but still.

The move went well (she had plenty of help, and I took them all out for Greek food afterwards which I think was better than the standard pizza, as it didn't make everyone comatose) although her cat violently and vehemently disagrees, poor thing is literally having hissy fits.

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