Sunday, July 21, 2013

Class Samples

That's it, really.

On the plus side I improved on the way this is built in terms of ease of construction, but it's still rather fiddly.

I knitted a lot and am much happier with the pink silk thing. I have a better plan and what I have so far doesn't have the Eau de Disappointment that the version I showed you last post had.

I finally finished spinning the <some number greater than one and probaby greater than two and perhaps even greater than three but either way what seemed like an endless amount> pounds of smokey purple roving that is mostly Luke, a brownish-greyish Border Leicester I met in Tennessee many years ago, and a selection of purple silk and/or kid mohair.

Some time ago I posted a picture of skeins and bobbins. I spun up all of my Lendrum bobbins - ten I think - then plied them all and started spinning again. Last Spinners I ran out of bobbins so I plied three of them, and today I finished spinning and now I'm on the endless task of plying. At least it's a three-ply, which is way faster (like one and a half time faster, right?) than two-ply.

So far I'm at three episodes of The Tudors, one over-filled giant bobbin (that's somewhere in the twelve ounces area) done and five-ish bobbins still to be plied.

There's a coat in my future, I imagine: a roomy, a-line coat with a hood and patch pockets and roll-back cuffs. And cables. And I might still have yarn left over.

But first: more plying.

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