Friday, July 5, 2013

It Wasn't the Last One

So as it turns out, there was another variation in the wings. 
 Technically, it's a variation of the last variation: same bead counts and thread paths, but a different bead in one of the rounds.
I really like this one the best.

I also finished a class sample.
 And then I played with spikes.
 Two (slight) variations.
So here's the thing. This is not a difficult or new or fancy or in in way a sophisticated shape, but the spikes make it rather awkward. Because of the shape of the base, and the placement of the holes, you need a certain amount of coverage so that they don't wiggle (version 1, now mercifully put out of its misery by way of scissors was rather too wiggly), and a certain amount of thread tension to ensure same, but then the problem is that there's no space to insert the needle into the beads at the vertices. There's a lot going on in a very tight space.

It's very awkward. Not conceptually difficult, but until those spikes are well-coralled, it's slightly impossible to see what's going on; you just have to know, and for those who don't have the whole 3-D visualisation thing going, more than slightly impossible.

So perhaps instead of beginner/intermediate/advanced, we can categorise the required skill level for knitting/beading/crochet/wirework/woodwork/etc. patterns as:

  • I can't understand until I see the video
  • Don't confuse me with pictures, just describe it in very precise detail
  • Don't confuse me with words, just give me tons of excellent graphics
  • I score above the 95th percentile in visial/spatial part of the IQ test so you can just describe the general concept
Not a hundred percent tongue-in-cheek, mind you because it sorta-kinda makes sense, doesn't it? I mean we've all come across the first-timer who gets it before the others in the class do, haven't we? Not to name names or anything...

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