Sunday, January 29, 2012


Apparently not wanting to work on something requiring the commitment of more than an hour or two was not in fact my motivation for not making a necklace comprising upwards of half a dozen floral components.

I still don't know what was though.

Peyote stitch, perhaps?

Seems what I wanted to work on were these odd little rectangular components.
I love the way they're thinner in the middle when viewed end-on.

I used a single colour of seed beads in most of them, but (if I actually get to it), the next round of experiments might add another colour or two of seed beads, and/or use different accent beads - I used the so-called Thunder-Polish Chinese rondelles. They're very pretty and !shiny!

Why yes, I did in fact find a better thread path, though I'd be wary of the finish of the seed beads if using my usual double-standed Nymo B with a size 10 beading needle, because there were a couple of bead holes which were at their limit, and I chose beads (matte metallic) which tend to be on the larger end of the spectrum of bead hole sizes. Colour-lined and permanent finish Toho seed beads may well not play as nicely with this needle and thread combination. Fireline would be a very good choice.

While these could certainly be made in one continuous chain (since the spine of each is a column of cubic right angle weave), I like the contrast in texture and colour of the brass and copper jump-rings. I'd originally used some very large anodized aluminium jump rings in place of the copper rings, but the scale was all wrong and the colour was too much.

There's no reason that these couldn't be made considerably longer into a substantial cuff, or with uneven sides so that they curve.

More experiments ahead!

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