Saturday, January 28, 2012

Honestly I Have No Idea

I wanted to make a pendant. No, a rope. No, a pendant.
I thought I had a plan and then I didn't and then I did and then I just wanted to be doing something else and though there are a couple of well-hidden design elements that might inspire me at some time, I think that the time may not be now.

Or tomorrow even.
So then I had another idea which is actually somewhat interesting if only there was a better thread path that didn't lead to ridiculous congestion inside the bead holes IMMEDIATELY.


I may have a solution. Stay tuned.

I forgot to show you this variation of the class I taught on Tuesday which I think I may like better than the original, especially if I can do better on the colour placement (I still want the three variations on a theme, a.k.a. light, medium and dark, but in different positions on the piece). And I think I have a better way of joining them into a necklace, but what's holding me back is the time commitment because there are sketches on the pile, ideas in the queue and a necklace of sweet little blossoms will use up all the free time I have, such as it is.

This day job thing. It really gets in the way.

I don't know if it's just me, turning into one of those people who just doesn't like anything, or if it's the program committee of Dance St Louis or whoever decides what's going to appear on stage for our yearly subscription, but once again, I can tell you what I don't like: the overly emotive singer who elbowed the dancers of Ensemble Espanol away from centre stage, not that I found them especially engaging either.

They weren't bad in that they danced well, the program was somewhat varied, the costumes were fine (one dress I loved, sheer black over red) through the sets such as they were should have been left at home, but honestly all that skirt-swishing and stamping and meaningful glares over the shoulders just bored me after about half an hour, and it was a long program, over two and a half hours. I wish one of the dance companies I really enjoy (like Pilobolus, Momix, Sydney Dance Company, etc) would have over-long programs, but it never quite works out that way, does it?

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