Sunday, January 15, 2012

Not Surprisingly

There's not much to photograph at the end of a week infused with some winter crud or another in which your chief form of productive relaxation is the beginning bits of a knitting project in fits and starts as you watch TV.
I managed to make another pendant.

And then because I got tired of the bail (with which I'm not quite satisfied) I wondered if the pendant, sans bail, could be the focal of a necklace.
Yes, in fact it could.

And then I had an idea for a cuff but then it was the end of the weekend -- and thank you yes, I'm feeling a whole lot better. Back to normal in fact.

My kitten, on the other hand, is re-aquiring normal. He has undergone, as my vet calls it, the redirection of his cerebro-testicular oxygen shunt. He was tutored. Neutered. He doesn't seem to miss them at all, or even notice that they're no longer there.


KipperCat said...

Hi Charlene. Your design makes a great necklace. I hope the tutoring takes of your cat pee problem. I sympathize, as my senior girl kitty is dealing with a few incontinence issues right now.

amyfibre said...

LOVE the necklace version. Glad that Anubis didn't suffer from his tutoring. Now let's hope it does indeed make him smarter...about where he pees!