Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Love It When This Happens

Well, eventually I love it, but I spend time not loving it, and let me tell you, coming down with a cold also helps me not love it so much.

Then there's the whole packing off one's first-born for her final semester in Geneva with the dilemma of how much to let my inner control freak take over and how much to let my daughter ask for help.

There were some near-misses, like the whole finding a notary public on a Saturday afternoon when leaving the following Monday morning (we made it with minutes to spare. Like three perhaps).

The luggage dilemma.

She's a fashion forward person, a bit of a compulsive shopper with the wardrobe volume to confirm, and the difficulty of not being able to pack all one's clothes into a suitcase weighing fifty pounds, not to mention all the other things one may need for a semester in Europe.

I set my mind to not crying like my mother did when I went to Israel to grad school, and I didn't, but she did (I think it had more to do with leaving her boyfriend than anything else), surprisingly.

Then there was the knitting of the beanie for my second child who thought he knew what he wanted but in fact did not and if I'd just gone ahead and made what I really thought he ought to want, I'd have been right all along and would not have had to make two major alterations after weaving in all the ends.

There was teaching a class which was just plain fun but not conducive to figuring out a Thing That I Want To Make.

Some weeks ago while surfing I saw a pendant woven of large beads in triangle weave and embellished with smaller beads, and somewhere else I saw a rivoli perched on a unit of cubic right angle weave using larger beads.

I needed to make a triangular pendant using triangle weave with a rivoli in the middle.

I generated piles of thread which I extracted from various bead holes.

I didn't like the colours, the capture, the embellishment, did I want fringe beads, and how many, 3mm beads of size 8ยบ seed beads, nothing was quite right, though there were bits that were right.

Eventually I had all the right bits and was rid of all the wrong bits.
I love it when that happens.
I also like the way it looks as though maybe I used a triangular rivoli (I didn't).

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