Friday, September 20, 2013

Under My Belt

There's this ebb and flow of things that need to get made or get done, at least that's how it feels.

I have a sometimes rather vague idea, sit down with piles of beads and start stitching. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it takes a few tries, and sometimes it's like magic because it all falls into place just the way I planned - or better.

Sometimes my ideas are around small things: pedants, earrings, components, and sometimes it just has to be this huge piece that takes so long I swear I'll never do it again and then I end up making one in shades of purple with bronze.

I'm happy to make smallish things (but not too small) because they fit nicely into a two-hour teaching slot, but when there's too much of that I have the sense of skimming, of not engaging entirely, even when everything happens perfectly. 

I like a project I can sink my teeth into, that has a substantial time investment, that has the heft of complexity either in terms of the intensity of the construction, or else in the richness of the finished piece. A simple chain with nothing happening doesn't do it for me, but today, at the end of a dull work week, I'm fulfilled.
For now.

Until next time.

It doesn't hurt that it looks gorgeous on skin.

And it's shiny.

PS This is the centre of the flower from last weekend. It stands on its own as a self-sufficient project, but it also works to bling up the flower pendant.

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