Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Not to go on and on and ON about it, but the whole floor thing was very physical in ways I didn't anticipate. 

I didn't really think about how I'd mix a fifty-five pound bag of thin-set and then move it from my mixing station (the driveway) to inside the room I was tiling when I can barely get the large box of kitty litter from my car to the litter-box, and that's only forty-something pounds.

It didn't occur to me that grouting would hurt my hands and my wrists and leave my fingers so swollen that for almost a week I couldn't wear most of my rings, and my hands so sore that too much knitting or computer usage (hello, my job!) would be very uncomfortable.

Yeah, I said it: Too. Much. Knitting. Didn't know you could even put those three words together - it just doesn't make sense, does it? What does that mean, what is too much knitting? How can there be such a thing as too much knitting?

Sadly, there is such a thing.
Beading however? Much gentler on the hands.

And in totally unrelated news, my baby (who at about six foot three inches tall is almost a full foot taller than I) turns twenty-one tomorrow. I know, it's pretty unbelievable.

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Onye said...

Beautiful necklace!! Take it easy (easier) on your hands, now. Even a 10 pound weight can sprain or break a wrist when mishandled (I know from experience). Happy birthday to your baby. 21 is a landmark year. I reached 25 before I realized I didn't know everything (and "grown" is a word best left alone when giving your self-description to your parent). At 33, I realize I still don't know everything, nor will I ever be omniscient, and I will always need my Mama's wisdom. God bless you both.