Monday, September 2, 2013

Not Idle Hands

Honestly, it's not as though I've been sitting around, watching The Tudors on Netflix and doing absolutely nothing. Well actually I have been watching The Tudors but I've not been doing nothing, though most of what's been keeping me busy is small and dull or else doesn't photograph well.

I made a sample for tomorrow's class.
 I started making a trivet using left-over tile. I think it's an ingenious design; too bad my woodowrking skills are so poor.
 I made progress on the bathmat.
I knitted, I attempted to use a wood plane (let's just say I'm glad I didn't buy the most expensive one), I fixed the closer thingie on a screen door, I made ravioli using wonton wrappers instead of making my own dough (I wish I could find pre-made ravioli skins because I don't like the wonton wrappers much though the filling was fabulous), I made some ricotta, and I worked out all three days of the long weekend and here's a funny thing.

Or not so funny, because of the pain. Apparently all the muscles I was using to do the floor? Not the same ones I use when I work out, so everything hurts. On the plus side, I feel very virtuous and smug - working out is an unpleasant chore, so knuckling down and doing it earns Brownie points in my head.

I also stopped by Home Depot to show Linda (the person who helped me get all the right stuff in all the right quantities when I was embarking on the tile project) photos of my floor. I know, pretty silly, showing pictures of my success, but she was so helpful and so sweet and so encouraging that I thought she might get a kick out of them.

I think she did.

She hugged me and thanked me for bringing the pictures in and said I should be proud.

I guess I am.

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