Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Working Floor

The cat peeing on the carpet was the catalyst, but it all started with my frenzy of upholstering last summer.

First it was the dining-room chairs, then a new cover for the living-room sofa, then an ottoman for the TV room in the basement, then reupholstering the chair in the family room which forced me to buy a new sofa because the old one didn't match, making a matching ottoman because I had left-over fabric - and then the carpet just looked terrible with the new sofa.
 The new floor is a much better match, even though I haven't re-hung the pictures yet.
And I'm glad my daughter persuaded me to paint the fireplace wall while I was at it.

The new floor works pretty well (as a floor) and it almost even looks as though it's, y'know, real, as if someone who knew what they were doing installed it. Almost.

I don't think this is the start of a new series the way the dining-room chairs was. This was big enough to stand on its own.


Unknown said...

You are truly amazing! It looks fabulous.


Unknown said...

You are amazing! It looks fabulous


amyfibre said...

Congratulations! Looks perfect from here.