Sunday, August 11, 2013


I've learned quite a bit in the last twelve or fourteen hours:

1. You don't want cats on your Quality Assurance Team.
No matter how adorable they are.
Or how easy it is to get them to give you a passing grade.
No matter how whole-hearted their approval.
Or how hands-on their participation.

2. Your patch is only as good as your mix.
Even if your technique is awesome.
It's no use if your dried and "cured" patch dissolves when you get it wet.

3.  Rapidset, despite warnings on the bag, sticks to asphalt pretty well. In fact, it sticks better to asphalt than asphalt sticks to concrete. Which leads naturally to:

4.  If you want to remove asphalt from concrete, simply mix Rapidset badly, dry, and then scrape it off. Works like a charm!

5.  The big long manly tool has its uses.

6.  Unfortunately you may have to redo your paint job.

7.  It takes about as long to remove it as it does to put it down.

8.  It's not that scary, except perhaps the mixing part f you don't get it right.

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