Wednesday, August 14, 2013


So when you decide to do something, that's Plan A.

When it doesn't quite go right, you switch to Plan B.

When Plan B was also over-optimistic, it's time to bring out Plan C.

I'm at Plan R - R for Reality. And Relief, quite frankly.

I was convinced that I could prep on Friday, cut and lay on Saturday, finish laying on Sunday, grout Monday after work, and get my daughter and her friend to help me move the furniture back on Tuesday. Plan A.

So the prep was impossibly hard, and not only did it take much longer than anticipated and delay the next step by at least a day and a half, it also exhausted me so that even if I hadn't had to be at work again on Monday, it would have been hard to find enough energy to have made it happen. 

I had half a hope that I could get the furniture moved back by this evening (Wednesday), as I watched those Plans scroll by.

When I realised that there will be another weekend in just a few days, and that I could use my evenings to rest and measure for every single cut, it was much easier.

More realistic.

Plan R.

I'm tired, bruised all over and sore. My hands are stiff and swollen and my rings don't fit.
So I took a short break. I figure the fine motor movements are a good counterpoint to the gross phyisicality of what has been consuming me. Frankly I was too tired to even consider laying tile this evening.

Also, I need to make some cuts before I mix up a batch of thin-set to start laying tiles again, and George forgot his tile saw at home - much better to borrow one for a few days than to stress about getting the rental back within twenty-four hours, right? - so until I can cut I can't lay so I might as well take a break.
Anubis loves the tiles. I've learned how much I can trust his judgement.

I have perhaps seventeen full tiles to lay, and then a boatload of small pieces.

Then grouting.

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