Wednesday, June 13, 2012

To the Dark Side

So last night I talked a few people through making these (the class I taught was called Dolce; the pattern will be in my Etsy and Craftsy shops pretty soon):

Not the round one on the left, but the others.

I feel like Lestat (you know, the vampire), because I think I made a beader. John had been resisting for ages and ages, and I really don't know why because I knew it would appeal (the colours, the structure, the shiny) and I guess he stopped being able to make convincing arguments to himself either, because there he was, keeping up with people who have been beading for longer than he has.

I knew he'd be a natural.

It's possible he'll try to resist, but he did sign up for the next class too. I'm so glad he's weak!

I shouldn't be so happy, because in a couple of months he'll have overtaken me and I'll be flat out of a job.

So this evening I made another link. The first two were all gunmetal seed beads, and then I added some opaque crimson (the one on the bottom of the picture), and today's had metallic cranberry, which I'm pretty much loving.

It's funny how cubic right angle weave turns out to be much more fun than flat right angle weave, because the thread path that I use is relatively fast, but most importantly helps the beads to be pretty square (rather than the traditional thread paths which tend to leave you with a herringbone-like structure, slightly). I'd still balk at triple-strand lariats in right angle weave, but even though each link takes over an hour, I have little problem contemplating a necklace.

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