Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Season of the Cut

I bought some twin beads just in case, even though they don't speak Charlene. So they sat for a while.

Truthfully, they're not even whispering, but the local bead store has 50% of all seed beads for the next couple of weeks, so this would be a good time to see if I like them.

I'm just not that inspired, but I tried anyway.

My dustbin is full of short wiggly pieces of thread, but I managed a couple of somethings which don't excite me much.
 You can barely even see the twin beads here. Altogether unremarkable. May be destined for scissors too.
This is marginally better, but not very pretty, though it does actually show off the twin beads, which was sort of the point. I might have to try this again using better colours, though it's not exactly articulate. It's sort of humming tunelessly only. Not entirely silent, so it might bear further development.

I've actually been spending quite a significant number of hours doing right angle weave, but as I said last time, I'm in the throes of something requiring significant time commitment, so there have been hours but not a whole lot to show for it.
 I'm quite pleased with the focal though. It's based on the link, but with extra stuff.
And the button has potential as an earring or component of a chain, so I guess I'm ok with all those hours.

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