Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back in the Saddle

It's been feeling a little strange that I did just about no beading the entire month of May: first I was preparing for my vacation by sewing, then I was away from my beads, and then I was getting my house in order, catching up on bills and the like, and though I was knitting all the while, I have no Finished Things to photograph, and seven inches of knitting is about as interesting as three inches of knitting; which is to say: generally not that much, so absent holiday pictures, the blog has (as you may have noticed, had you been paying attention - and this is not a veiled jab but merely a statement of fact) been thin of late.

I've been having beading ideas and sketching beading ideas, but again, neither makes for good pictures, and not that this post necessarily heralds a new age of online verbal diarrhoea, but I do have some beading to show you.
 I'm teaching this class on Tuesday (Dolce beaded beads), and even though I've mostly been quite good about taking the pictures for the instructions as I make the samples for the proposals, in this instance I was a little lax.
 I'm ok with getting this done now, as it's a painless step away from the awkward navel-gazing I was wondering if I should start on (Why aren't I beading? Does it mean I'm not into it any more? Am I into sewing again? Am I going back to sewing ninety percent of my clothes again? Do I even still like knitting? What about all those beading classes I'm committed to? Should I be committed?) and back to glass and nylon.

It also means that I can now catch up on those episodes of Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me and Fresh Air that I missed while I was away. The little piece of right angle weave caught me up on two episodes of Wait, Wait, and if I get an entire necklace done, I'll definitely be caught up on Fresh Air, not to mention multiple episodes of This American Life and Radiolab.
There now. My dirty little secret is out. I'm an NPR junkie.

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