Friday, July 22, 2011

Starting Point

I check in on a number of beading blogs which are so often inspiring. I'll see a combination of beads, an outline of a shape, an interesting variation on a stitch, then go away and start beading. If I continue, generally what I end up with is quite a long way from where I started.

Occasionally I'll even follow a pattern pretty much as written.
Like these earrings, which I found here. (Actually, this is the second pair I made; the first I gave away before I could even photograph them). I liked them because they use both farfalle (or peanut) beads as well as daggers, both of which can be difficult to incorporate into seed beading.

Cute little earrings. Little earrings. Tiny little earrings. So small they could be the trim on a necklace.
A tiny piece of a necklace, to be more accurate.

I actually tried to make the netting part of the necklace more interesting and textured and multi-coloured, but it only made it ugly, so I stuck with the undecorated look and let the dangles do all the showing off.

Although the daggers I've used are rather plain, this is a great use for those gorgeous (and expensive) daggers like the ones I used in the earrings. They're both shown off to advantage, and used relatively sparingly.

Sadly, this may have been my self-indulgent beading for the weekend, as I have instructions to do for Tuesday's class.

I'm sure I'll survive.

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Halinka said...

The earrings are so sweet...really - simple and lovely.
I see also the nice beginning of a very elegant necklace.I will see it finished with pleasure:-)