Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Made Stuff

I needed another sample for Tuesday's class.
So I made a very pretty bracelet.

I also finished the vibrant necklace I started last weekend.
I redid the wirework supporting the focal bead, so I'm no longer embarrasssed.
I've stopped subscribing to beading magazines, because in truth usually what's useful are the pictures only; it's been a few years since I actually wanted to make a project from a magazine, and it's rare that there's a technique completely new to me.

Still, sometimes I find myself with a new magazine.

There was a very pretty herringbone project which wI decided to make, but after two pattern repeats, I was just annoyed. I didn't like the way it looked (there were curves that were not beaded as curves, so there was unpleasant listing to the side), and I just didn't enjoy the stitching, but I liked the concept of alternating directions by ninety degrees.

I had an idea. It was bad. I cut it up.

I had another idea.
It showed promise. I liked the look of the rondelles between decorative parenthesis.
I decided I didn't need to alternate directions, but because the main part was pretty stiff, I needed something more fluid as a bridge.
I didn't care for my first attempt.
Or the second.
Then I realized that I needed joints with rotation, rather than soft bits (which is what the bright necklace above has in the centre of each beaded-bead section: two beaded beads separated by soft right angle weave), and found a length of chain I'd bought precisely for the links which could be separated out.
The necklace is only as long as you see, but is working rather well, so far.

Knitting? I've done a lot, but it's all got to go. Two word summary: entrelac gauge.

I'm no more clued-in as to the origin of Friday's yarn gift.


Halinka said...

I can see,how many things You have made.very nice,unique designs.I like the bracelet most.The herring bone necklace is going to be fine too,though I am not very fond of the metal connections in beadwork.
Concerning 'Bead & Button' magazine-I have just started my subscribtion and I realise-You are right-the most precious things there are photos of new patterns,which can be inspiring.I do not know,how long I will be buying it,but I 'm going to try,for half of the year.
Warm Greetings-Halinka-

Kristen said...

Yes I agree with Halinka I am glad you dropped the metal rings. I am still in the learning process and since I live no where near you to take your classes I am still using the magazines as a starting point. But I know your skills have gone way beyond them.