Monday, July 18, 2011

Just Finished

And now it's bedtime.

I wasn't going to redo all the pieces linked to metal rings, and it's interesting that some people like the combination with metal and some don't.

I have no particular principles when it comes to seed beaded projects in terms of metal: I'm for it if it enhances the item and against it if not. Or if I'm too lazy to bead a clasp it's that much quicker to use something that's already assembled.

The ends that join the beaded ring should have been a bit looser, as the front section is a bit grabby and doesn't flow too well, but otherwise I'm quite pleased with it. I really love the colours though.


Halinka said...

Many people use the metal parts combined with beadwork.I think,it must be somehow trendy now:-)
Your necklace is really wonderful,but looking at the fantastic focal ring and suddenly changing the eyesight point into those metal rings...makes me feel missing something :-)
Nevertheless, - one more Beautiful Work of Yours!
Best Greetings-Halinka-

aljamie said...

That is SO pretty Charlene!! I really do like it!


Kristen said...