Sunday, February 20, 2011

Still Not Over

I thought we'd have broken up by now, but it's kinda getting serious.
Yesterday at the Bead Society meeting, Peri brought her beads (as usual) and I succumbed (as usual), bringing home a collection of odd, organically-shaped glass rings. I've been trying to move away from all monochromatic all the time, so since (a) the rings are a pretty flat, unifor colour and (b) I also happened to have picked up these acid green-yellow opal-finish daggers, it seemed that the two complimented each other very nicely with a little gold and bronze thrown in.

At first I'd thought I'd make some sort beaded bead, something rounder, connecting them to the glass rings with simple peyote or herringbone links, but what with the daggers, it seemed I had no choice, and I'm loving it.

Still a few more hours of work, and I haven't quite decided how to fasten it, but as I'm teaching Tuesday and still have a bit more prep to do tomorrow, I have time to figure it out.

Last year I all but finished a pair of socks and then I ran out of yarn about two or three inches short of the end of my toes, and so it sat.
I've been getting antsy about languishing knitting projects, past the point where I guiltily banish all thoughts of them even as I start another; I'm at the point where I Feel The Need to do something about it.

I really didn't want to buy a whole nother ball of yarn as I'm unlikely to use it again: pleasant though it is, it's heavier than my normal sock yarn, doesn't seem to be available in terribly exciting colours, and what on earth would I do with enough pink-coral yarn to make either one long sock, or a sock and a toe?

Fortunately, I had another yarn of a similar blend (bamboo mainly) in a variegated with some vaguely similar colours.

First I undid the finished toe and started knitting on the short sock until they were even.
Then I joined in the new yarn, increased enough stitches to maintain the size of the foot, and finished both toes.

Now I can start a new project ... well, just as soon as my emergency socks are done.

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