Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another Variation on an Obsession

I'll be hard-pressed to not keep this for myself, as it's in my favourite palette: sludge. Oilslick sludge. Iridescent sludge.
I used the same base units as I've been using all week, but chose two different rondelle sizes and arranged them to make something of a Vee shape in an arrowhead-like chain.

I have one or two more configurations to try, but I may not get to them, as I'm considering switching allegiance, though this may be more of a brief fling than actually investing in a new team jersey.
Daggers are problematic for me in that I like them and I buy them and then I wonder how best to use them so that they don't look lame, and all that happens is that they overflow my dagger drawer because they come in faster than they go out.

As you can see, I made a beaded bead using daggers as accents, and it's nice and all (this is not a great picture; it's more interesting in Real Life), but using it presents its own set of difficulties - even as earrings, at the bottom of a long head-pin, those daggers stick out a bit too much, but figuring out a suspension point that isn't completely clumsy (as above) may prove to be its undoing.

Or else they will just be funky earrings.

They can't really hang on a necklace - not that the daggers are sharp or anything, but they might be a bit poky.

In knitting news, apparently I can't commit to a big (sweater) project, so I've been deflecting by spending most of the past week being frustrated by gloves. A glove.

The first glove I ever made in my life was from more of an adjustable recipe than a pattern, and it turns out that I've never actually used a pattern for the many gloves I've made. A few years ago, Julia gave me some fabulous merino sock yarn that's not superwash, so I put it away thinking "gloves", and it finally ripened.

It's a very busy variegated, and I decided that vanilla gloves (ribbed cuff, stocking stitch everything else) just would not do, so I went glove-pattern-hunting. There's a dearth of flavoured glove patterns but a multitude of artfully-photographed (read: deceptively un-hand-congruent) fingerless glove and mitten patterns, which I thought would do.

They were too tight, too loose, too boring, too distorted, too busy, not busy enough, unsuitable for the yarn, unattractive, ill-fitting, and so I threw in the towel and am half a thumb short of the first vanilla glove.

I'm wondering exactly why I bother.

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