Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Affair Continues

(But I think it's run its course).

If you thought I'd made a pair of identical pendants, you'd be partly right.
I made a pair of identical reversible pendants.
And then I made a third almost-identical reversible pendant and joined it to the other two to get a reversible vee-shaped pendant.

Pretty nifty, even if I do say so myself, and if I wasn't eager to get on to something else (a new watchband because I lost my watch on Sunday night when I went to see 127 Hours with my son), I might have continued to make more of them for an entire necklace.
Damn. I'm just second-guessing myself, looking at the pictures above: I should have used those lovely fat twisted copper jump rings to join the components of the pendant; that way if I decide that really the affair isn't over, I can go back and make more pieces and turn it into a necklace but right now because I used right angle weave to join them, I have to be done with it.

I might have to do this again.

I really thought it was over.

In other news in which I'm pleased with myself, I finished a new pair of gloves.
After seventy gajillion attempts to do something interesting with the variegated yarn such that any effort over and above stocking stitch was worth it and didn't get lost, and failing, I fell back to my standard gloves, although this time I made the hand ever so slightly too long instead of too short as usual.

The yarn is a delightfully soft and squishy merino which may not be as warm as the alpaca gloves I've been wearing most of the winter, but they fit better, and I'm much more fond of the person who gave me the merino yarn than of the person who gave me the alpaca yarn although at the time I confess I was quite charmed. (Back then, he was a new boyfriend. Right now, I'm well rid of him).

I'm still not feeling compelled to start a new sweater; instead I'm getting creative with a pair of socks which was one and nine-tenths complete with no more yarn. After that I'm thinking I might finish my emergency car socks (the ones that are always in the car in case I'm desperate for something to knit, for example if traffic comes to a literal stand-still - extremely slow movement doesn't count due to the danger factor akin to texting and driving - HELLO! - or if there's a very long traffic light or I find myself in a waiting room or some other emergency I haven't yet thought of, but am well-prepared for) with which I'm both bored and annoyed due to the colour of the yarn which somehow didn't look as bad in the ball but I can now see in in serious need of a dyepot. I just need to put them out of their misery so that I can work on socks which are better.

OK, newer.

So sue me, I like new projects. And you don't? Really?

Uh huh.

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