Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Than a Fling?

Yesterday I was just flirting, just fooling around, didn't think I'd fall for this in any meaningful way, and while I still plan to return to last week's obsession, I''m definitely being unfaithful.

I made a pendant with a rather awkward bail and an earring.
The earring needed a mate, naturally.
And then I wondered if it would work with five arms instead of four.
I think it does.

[Edited to add: It also works with these spade beads that I keep on buying but rarely manage to use successfully.
I also managed to think of a bail before completing the last few rounds; the big twisted jump ring works well for a purchased chain, but would be too small for most beaded chains, unless they have short narrow sections to accommodate.]

I've mentioned that when we went to Australia over New Year, my cat stayed with a friend from work, who posted a video of Isis playing with his cat, Oso who is velvety, like a Beanie Baby.

Nothing much happens after the first minute and a half, but if you enjoy watching cats play, it's somewhat cute.

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