Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Roll Call

I didn't exactly make these start to finish since my previous post, but I did add the sticky-out decorative bits and attach them to ear wires.
I actually bezeled these years ago, and somehow thought I was stuck, so they sat in [one of] the Work In Progress drawer[s], possibly waiting for bezels on the rest of the matching labradorite coins. Perhaps I thought I'd be making a necklace. I'm really not sure.

On the other hand, this is definitely cheating.
All I did was buy a chain and pass it through the hole of the beaded bead. Also from a Needs To Mature First drawer.

This is almost laughable, I suppose, because it's hardly long and involved, but I needed to see some tangible progress this weekend.
This isn't actually finished; what does one do with it in this state after all?

By way of things which got cut up and stopped during the course of a not very productive week, each part of this stacked pendant originally had another destiny. (I'm sorry, but I can't help myself: is this product of two separate destinies then destinies' child? I already apologized, I'm not doing it again). The rivoli at the bottom just didn't look right as an earring, and the donut above looked too plain, but every time I tried to add More Stuff to it, it just looked worse.

A necklace chain of sorts might not be amiss, though I'm not quite set on the exact type. Something as simple as mirrored spiral ropes might do the trick, though for some reason I tend to find them somewhat tedious.

I don't have to decide now though, since I'm about to go to bed.

I'll just add that I'm also feeling better on the knitting front since:
  1. I sewed in a sleeve on my a-line jacket and think I might finish the other sleeve, and possibly the collar (though it's conceivable that I could make a small fake [not exactly fake, but something I'll rip out and replace with The Real Thing later when I have time] collar so that it's done in time for the SOAR gallery).
  2. I may have a travel knitting project: a pair of long possibly fingerless gloves for my daughter's new thrift store sixties style coat with three-quarter sleeves and mink (yes, real mink) cuffs and collar that she found for FIFTEEN DOLLARS.
I'm so proud.

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