Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Stuff

I think the truth is that no matter how much jewellery I make, I will never have enough for the two home sales after SOAR. It's analogous to the concern about the insufficiency of food when feeding others. I blame my mother for this version of worrying, because who else could I possibly have learned it from?

It's thus very gratifying when in a single evening, I can complete three whole Things To Sell.
I said "complete", not "make from start to finish".
I made these two pendants some months ago, and although stringing is not what I yearn to do, I'm not averse when it means completing something beadwoven.

And the cute little star earrings.
I started the first on Monday night preparing for my class, finished it in class (which involved a fair amount of "Now make another one exactly the same") and started the second. Finishing four-fifths of a little star and stringing two necklaces AND watching an hour of TV with my son was doable for an evening.

Of course it does men that bedtime is once again delayed somewhat.

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