Sunday, October 11, 2009


I know there are two schools of thought (at least; possibly more) on the issue of jewellery sets.

There's the School of Amy which wants earrings that match the necklaces - not necessarily exactly, mind you, just enough that people don't gasp at what an impossibly awful combination those earrings with that necklace are. It also makes getting dressed less fraught with choices, something especially important on mornings after not enough sleep.

Then there's the Absolutely No Way No How Should There Seem To Be The Slightest Intent On The Part Of The Maker To Have Made A [shock-horror] Set.

Personally I like the ease of the Amy School, though there may be a small part of me desperately trying to eliminate any indication of twee which edges towards the Absolutely No Way School.

Amy School won out this weekend.

Behold, earrings to match my latest necklace:
And a pendant to match the earrings whose purple proved elusive to my camera.
The latter is something which will be for sale. I have not yet decided whether I'll make a chain or not; either way the bail is amenable to a variety of pendant-supports from beaded chain through metal chain through organza ribbon and a bunch in between.

Not so impressive in terms of weekend production, but in all fairness I've been a little consumed by the cook-a-thon for this evening's dinner for eight or so:
  • Fig-walnut tapenade with goat cheese
  • Fennel-potato soup with smoked salmon and multi-grain bread
  • Arugula salad with roasted red onions, roasted corn and tahini vinaigrette
  • Turkey roulade with mushrooms, spinach and truffle oil, served with brown rice with toasted pecans, and roasted root vegetables
  • Chocolate panna cotta with port-balsamic-braised cherries

Almost all of the prep-ahead is done.

Fortunately I have moved beyond my grad school days when I was wont to make elaborate Indian meals with multiple dishes for each course. Inevitably I'd panic early afternoon, convinced that there was not enough food, and scramble to whip up at least one extra dish per course.

Naturally I never ran out of food.

I never even came close.

It was in the preparation of one of these meals during which I discovered just how important extreme hand-washing (with soap! Lots!) can be when working with hot peppers; specifically when one's skin touches the inner membranes and seeds.

I had to take a break. I sat in the garden for a few hours with my hands wrapped in cold, wet dish-towels in an attempt to alleviate the discomfort.

Now I'm quite a bit more careful with the insides of hot peppers. Amazing how this learn by experience thing works.

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