Friday, October 16, 2009

Another of Those Weeks

You know how sometimes time seems to rush by, you're always over-busy and under-slept and yet nothing actually gets done?

I hate it when that happens.

Time-consuming chores are forced into a couple of hours less than you actually really need and more than you actually have, so sleep suffers, and then the next day is a blur because of the sleep deprivation thing, and that's half the week.

So I'll claim credit for something I actually completed last week but didn't photograph until recently.
It's the replacement for something exactly the same style, and while the first go-round turned out (due to the usual: shoddy measuring practises and misplaced overconfidence) rather too large, this one (due to the usual: careful measurements and continual re-checking) is exactly the same size as the original and therefore close to perfect. In terms of what I wanted, that is.

Serendipity conspired to produce a colour effect that I love: there were only two skeins of the variegated yarn, so I added odd rows of the charcoal (colour anthracite. I love that name. It's so appealling and evocative, like puce or sienna or azure) until I ran out of the variegated, and then continued in the already-introduced anthracite.

I think it's much more interesting than if I'd used one yarn only.

(Though I love that variegated colourway. Luckily I have it in sock yarn too).

Disgusted with my lack of beading progress this week (hours of effort were bracketed by bouts of cutting up), I started something I knew I could finish in an evening.
The colours are once again confounding to my camera, but are shades of very deep teals, accented by odd rows of turquoise and silver-blue-grey. Sort of greenish-pewter. A good colour anyway, since it's not describable in a single word, which tends to be a pretty good indicator of whether I'll like the colour or not. Moreso if one of the words is "dark", "deep", "dull", "muted" or "murky".

They don't call me The Sludge Queen for nothing!

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Lovely sweater!