Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spinning, Yeah, That's the Ticket

So tomorrow is our monthly spinner's food-a-thon, uh, day of spinning with incidentally a potluck lunch.

This may not look like much, but it's a stack of crepes flavoured with blood orange zest and orange liqueur, separated by whipped cream flavoured once again with blood orange zest and orange liqueur, and waiting in the fridge I have some blood orange segments macerating in a reduced orange liqueur syrup, not to mention more of the cream.

Should be edible.

And oh yes, lots of spinning tomorrow with, y'know, wheels and fiber and so on.

I prototyped a sweater while I was in Santa Fe.
It's perfect travel knitting, as you don't need long needles (except towards the end of the project when making the gussets), but I do wish I didn't have to rip the whole thing out.

The usual.

Not enough yarn, though I knew that going in, but I thought it would be okay to add oddments of other colours and it would be in a fair isle or striped project but I have to say that (a) I really don't like the other-colour triangles and (b) even with them I only have about an ounce of yarn left, with an entire sleeve and three-quarters of the front still to go.

This yarn really is way denser than I'd realised and really won't stretch far enough for me to finish this sweater (with which realistically I'm less than satisfied anyway, but I hate to have wasted the effort, even if it's been only a bit more than a week of knitting which really isn't bad speed-wise, telling me (as if I didn't know it already) that really, modular knitting is the way to go for me.

One benefit to all the half-done beading projects that I was too weak to not start while I was supposed to be getting ready for Santa Fe but was strong enough to not finish, is that I get to finish them now.

Mmmm, blue tiger eye.

I'm not in general a fan of blue in the abstract, but when it's smoky or chatoyant or iridescent or otherwise interesting and not royal blue which to my eyes is a blight in the spectrum (though I might make the occasional exception for lapis lazuli if it has plenty of pyrite veining), I can be quite taken with it.


denny's hungry now. said...

yum, double yum even. yum for crepes. Yum for blood oranges.
Sorry for the running out yarn though.
Oh and really a big yum for the beading.

Pass the fork will ya.

Amy Esther said...

Mmm, that sounds tasty! And that bracelet is beautiful!

Laurie said...

Always interesting to look at a design from your eyes.

I'll take a big, cheating on my diet, helping of the blood orange crepe concoction, thank you.