Monday, March 16, 2009

No Shouting

So Bead Fest Santa Fe is over, I'm home, tired, and currently in possession of a larger inventory of kits than I was planning on. The economy bites.

So much so that I listed this one in my Etsy store with more to come.

Phreadde and Dan do indeed give excellent tour, though I don't apparently take photos. Julia and Dan do, but I don't have any.

We saw bison and the echo amphitheater and mountains in more colours than their fair share (and we're talking rocks here, not vegetation) and the Georgia O'Keefe museum and Tierra Wools and the Folk Art Museum and Ghost Ranch and lots of sky.

It was awesome.

Oh yeah, I also taught two classes, and though enrolment wasn't full to bursting, I had more students than I'd originally thought I would and really enjoyed myself. I believe my students had a good time too - and I want to hear about it first if they didn't! 

Meet the Teachers turned out to be a less than king-making event for those of us in the small dark annexe where the food was not, but I met a couple of really cool people, which always helps.

I managed to buy some famous beads - more accurately beads made by famous people - but more about that when I have photos, and did a decent amount of knitting. Turns out there are quite a lot of beaders who are knitters too - who knew? I guess it shouldn't be much of a shock since I do both, which means that it can't be too unusual, since I don't consider myself at the forefront of all that is rare and odd and innovative, much as I'd like to be.

There are times when being wildly over-optimistic, while I'm sure amusing to the observer, is not entirely to one's advantage.

Take last Wednesday, the night before I was due to leave for Santa Fe. I had a to-do list which included the following:
  1. Finish beading the sample for the Spice Road kit.
  2. Finish the instructions for the Spice Road kit.
  3. Partially assemble all kits I'd already packed unassembled (this involved folding the instructions and putting them into 6x9 baggies since I thought I might not have time between arriving in Santa Fe and 6pm that evening. I'd have been correct).
  4. Pack.
  5. Bake bread for Phreadde and Dan.
  6. Bake scones for Phreadde and Dan.
  7. Go to knitting night at the yarn store for the usual few hours.
  8. Get to bed at a reasonable hour.
Bear in mind that I do have a day job which at best gets me home by 5:30 which realistically gave me about five hours for all of this, including twenty minutes each way to the yarn store. Right.

I seriously believed that this was doable, and much of it was, except for the scones and the knitting night (what on earth was I thinking?) and naturally the useful bedtime; 1am is less than optimal when the alarm goes off five hours later, but that's pretty much what I had to work with.

There are other Wednesdays to knit at the yarn store, and the bread did get baked, and hey, Santa Fe will still be there next year.

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Amy said...

hey -- bring some kits (a representative sample) to Spinners on Sunday. I'll buy. Already want to cool donut one, but wonder what other new stuff you have....